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999 Golden Angled Finishing Brush

The KING of brush - Brand new Golden All-purpose brush for blush or face powder. The Superior airy 100 %  Goat Hair form an angle shape. SO brushes are hand-sculpted using the finest quality materials. The patented handle is made of aluminium and it is made for facial massage. Designed by Queenie Chan. Limited edition. 

全新尊貴黃金掃 NO.999 金碧輝煌, 身份顯赫, 掃皇之皇, 全能的設計可上碎粉, 光影, 胭脂等多所有用途. 精挑細選AAA級豐滿柔滑山羊毛, 鈄角設計緊貼臉型狐度. 已獲批專利註冊的純鋁製掃柄, 特別設有面部按摩, 改善面色功能. 創作靈感源自QUEENIE CHAN 陳莉敏, 限量版生產.

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